How to advertise like a PRO

We are entrepreneurs

Nowadays, young people prefer to take the road of entrepreneurship, as we have grown up seeing how people who do livestreams on platforms like Twitch and who have given up their studies, earn more money than other people who have dedicated their lives to studying and can’t climb the professional ladder.

The normative as getting a degree and start working in a typical job, we have outgrown it. Our future is not secured just by studying at university, we have to go beyond that.

Therefore, I believe that in order to be successful in life, we must begin to prepare our ground. In my case, I decided to create this infographic on how to send advertising taking into account the laws of sending commercial communications as marked by the government of Spain.


I decided to design it focused on my target audience, that is, young entrepreneurs like me who want to cultivate themselves to achieve their goals. To do so, I used, first of all, an eye-catching headline with a typical and representative language of the target, in addition to adding an animation that captures their attention. Also a subtitle to specify the topic to be covered in the infographic.

Secondly, I have divided the information into 4 important points. On each point I have written a small text covering each law and, to detail it even more, I have added interactivity tags that provide detailed information on each point. These interactive tags can be found in the photographs. These are memes to keep with the youthful design.

This way, in addition to learning these laws, you can use the infographic as review material, as you can read the title of each point and see if you really remember what it is about or if you need to go over the labels again.

Thirdly, I have added the source from which I have extracted the information, that is, the Government of Spain, with an interactivity that redirects to the web link in a new tab.

Finally I have put the credits of the person who has created this infographic and that, as you can see, is me.

I think it is an infographic that is really useful for those who are young and still do not have many notions of advertising and digital law.