Banner using sprite sheets

This responsive banner was created for Vanquish, a sportswear brand well-known among people who train in gyms.

The goal was to create a sprite sheets with 6 images of a model wearing the same set of clothes but in different colors, since, at that time, it was fashionable to wear pastel colors. Also, the key was to simulate that the girl was stretching before starting the workout and now you will understand why.

I consider that, in the internet era in which we find ourselves, people get carried away by appearances and especially those of influencers. Everyone wants to be like them, live like them, act like them?

So… if they are so influenced by public people on social networks, why not create that need through advertising?

To do this, I started by adding a photo of a gym in the background but with a blur to give importance to the other elements. The first element is the text, in which I used a typography similar to that of the brand and made reference to the new collection that had just come out. In this way, the aesthetics of the banner would be in line with the main website.

The second element is the sprite sheets created with the images of the model wearing the clothing sets while stretching.

So, the simplicity together with the nice banner allows us to position ourselves in the user’s mind making him see that he can also wear an amazing outfit and enjoy the workout and that he needs to acquire that same outfit.